Seeing Kartik's wrong Bengali pronunciation

Seeing Kartik's wrong Bengali pronunciation

Seeing Kartik’s wrong Bengali pronunciation, Anirban’s sneer

Extreme sarcasm to Bollywood actors. What exactly is the reaction of the audience after this statement of Anirban.

Speaking of Bengali, the actor mispronounces. And that is why the fire of anger is the baby of Bengal, i.e. Anirban Bhattacharya.

As usual, he pierced the words. What happened that the actor erupted in anger?

Kartik Aryan’s new film Bhool Bhulaiya-2 has already grossed around Rs 230 crore.

Many so-called big star Bollywood projects have not been so successful in Hindi films at the present time.

Meanwhile, producer Bhushan Kumar overjoyed with his success and has gifted him a brand new and special edition car.

But what is the relationship with Anirban?

In the movie Bhool Bhulaiya-2, Karthik has  heard speaking Bengali at different times.

And that is why Anirban got angry just to get a light glimpse of Hindi. Soja Sapta wrote on Twitter for Kartik,

“Tomorrow not called ‘Kal’ in Bengali, it  called ‘Kal’!” And good luck with your new car / Chinese food table.

Evidence that Anirban keeps a close eye on Karthik’s social media  easily matched.

But even a non-Bengali actor seems to annoyed  not hearing the correct Bengali pronunciation.

Anirban himself loves to keep a close eye on his acting and dialogue. Likes to live a little differently in so-called social life.

And he  made this comment because the Bengali language has not  used properly at the national level.

Meanwhile, the audience very upset when they saw Anirban’s comment.

What is Anirban burning? Some even said that you are behaving like others.

Again someone said, Anirban Da this cannot  expected from you. A non-Bengali actor may make such a mistake in pronouncing Bengali.

Again, some people picked up his Hindi and made fun of him. Can you speak 100% pure Hindi? Actor in the fury of the net world.🔱