Sensational information in Trump's seized documents

Sensational information in Trump's seized documents

Sensational information in Trump’s seized documents

Sensational information has been found in the documents seized from the house of former US President Donald Trump.

A document contains various descriptions of the nuclear weapons capabilities and defenses of another country’s government. The Washington Post, the influential media of the United States, first reported this news.

In early August of this year, the FBI raided Trump’s vacation home Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Since then, there has been a lot of debate on the matter.

Trump strongly criticized it, saying that there is a “conspiracy” against him to hinder his participation in the next presidential election. The documents seized by the FBI include at least 11,000 government documents and photographs.

According to the Washington Post report published on Tuesday (September 6), one of these documents contains nuclear secrets of a country.

However, the media did not mention which country’s nuclear weapons documents they are. Even the relationship of the United States with that country or countries has not been disclosed.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported in a separate report that the documents were related to ‘top-secret operations’. Their clearance and disclosure requires utmost secrecy.

However, the newspaper did not give any details about this. The security department of President Joe Biden’s administration did not authorize the release.

Meanwhile, Trump is under ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice for removing classified documents from the White House and keeping them at his Florida home.

The Law Ministry released some pictures of the documents seized last week. Then last Monday (5 September) a judge ordered the appointment of a ‘special master’ to review the seized documents.