Surfer killed in evident extraordinary white shark assault off California coast on Christmas Eve

A unidentified man was killed Friday in an evident extraordinary white shark assault while surfing in Morro Bay, California, as indicated by specialists.

People on call were dispatched Friday morning at around 10:30 neighborhood time because of a report of a casualty lethargic on the ocean front along California’s focal coast, as per an assertion from the Morro Bay Police Department.

The person in question, whose age and character still can’t seem to be delivered, was articulated dead around the ocean.

He was pulled from the water experiencing an evident shark assault, the assertion clarified.

Morro Bay Harbor Patrol Director Eric Endersby said that a lady who was riding close by saw a body facedown in the water almost a boogie board, as indicated by the San Luis Obispo Tribune. The lady endeavored to bring the body shorewards and was subsequently helped by Morro Bay Harbor Patrol.

As we were showing up, there was a female surfer in the water that was helping the casualty that evidently saw him a little separation away from where she was, facedown in the water, Endersby said.

With regards to that time, we showed up on scene so we dominated, Endersby added. It was a clear shark assault casualty, certainly perished, no chance of revival.

Endersby further clarified that there were no clear observers to the surfer’s demise, and that the chomp on the casualty was predictable with that of an incredible white shark, as per reacting officials.