Suspect in guardianship subsequent to going after 3 voyagers at SFO, perhaps with a blade

Suspect in authority in the wake of going after 3 explorers at SFO, police eliminate blade from scene

A suspect is in care Friday night after three individualsĀ  gone after at SFO’s worldwide terminal

authorities say. PoliceĀ  seen eliminating a huge blade from the crime location.

The casualties experienced minor cuts and scratches.

A suspect is in care Friday night after three individuals were gone after

at San Francisco International Airport’s global terminal, authorities say.

There is an enormous police presence at the scene.

A KTVU journalist who is covering the Warriors’ homecoming at the air terminal,

said the casualties endured cuts and scratches and that an enormous blade taken out from the scene.

Three individuals gone after at SFO’s International Terminal Friday night.

They experienced minor cuts and scratches. A suspect is in care authorities, said. June 17, 2022.

As per San Francisco police, a grown-up male drove a vehicle to the San Francisco International Airport and entered the terminal,

at around 6 p.m. Police said the man strolled around the takeoff terminal and took out an edged weapon.

He then attacked three male casualties, police said

A SFO representative said the person in the pre-security public region of the

Global Terminal endeavored to make injury a few passing explorers.

The suspect captured, and three travelers treated for minor cuts and

scratches prior to progressing forward with their movements. There could have been no other effect on the air terminal’s tasks.

Police said the suspect’s character, nor the forthcoming charges

being unveiled right now because of the continuous dynamic examination. There no known rationale in the assault.

There could have been no further subtleties quickly accessible. We will follow this story as it creates.

KTVU’s Elissa Harrington added to this report.