Taliban’s reaction to Kabul fights ‘fierce,’ four individuals killed: UN

The UN rights office on Friday said that the Taliban reaction to tranquil walks in Afghanistan has been progressively rough, with specialists utilizing live ammo, cudgel and whips and causing the passings of no less than four nonconformists.

Fights and shows, regularly drove by ladies, represent a test to the new Taliban government as it looks to merge control in the wake of holding onto the capital Kabul almost a month prior.

“We have seen a response from the Taliban which has tragically been serious,” Ravina Shamdasani, UN rights representative, told a preparation in Geneva, saying the United Nations had recorded four nonconformist passings from gunfire.

Notwithstanding, she said that a few or all might have come about because of endeavors to scatter dissenters with terminating.


She added that the United Nations had additionally gotten reports of door to door looks for the people who took an interest in the fights. Columnists covering the fights have likewise been scared.

“In one case, one columnist was accounted for to have been told, as he was being kicked in the head, ‘You are fortunate you haven’t been guillotined’,” Shamdasani said. “Truly there has been heaps of terrorizing of writers just attempting to tackle their work.

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