The actress of Kolkata has complained against that ‘Balukheko’ chairman

A few days ago, Salwa, the heroine of the company’s film ‘Bubujan’, accused the film production company Shapla Media of not paying the artistes. Based on that status, several news have been published in the media. After Salwa, this time Shupla Kar from West Bengal made the same complaint against Shapla Media. In the company’s film ‘Bikshov’, she acted as the heroine of Shanto Khan, son of famous producer Salim Khan, chairman of ‘Balukheko’. The film was released in theaters in Bangladesh on July 10.

Despite being the heroine of the film, she was not invited to the press conference on the occasion of the premiere show before the release. Not only that, Subhasree also complained of not being given importance in posters and billboards.

Although he did not want to open his mouth about the remuneration at that time, Subhashri spoke openly with Prothom Alo on Tuesday. He said on WhatsApp from Kolkata that he was given only 20 thousand rupees during the contract. Almost two years have passed since then. The movie has also been released. The rest of the remuneration is still not understood. He said, “I asked for the remaining remuneration before the release of the film. Deven said in July. But still not given. I joined the film through the executive producer of the film, Arindam Das from Kolkata. I also informed him. He promised to look into the matter. Apart from this, I have contacted the main producer of the film about the matter. Although they promised, they have not yet paid the remuneration.

Subhasree said that he can make a written complaint about the matter to the Artist Forum of Kolkata. Subhasree said, “They are still not addressing the issue of payment of remuneration in July.” See you in a few more days. If not resolved, I will file a written complaint with the artists’ organization ‘Artist Forum’ in Kolkata.

Because I did not deal with this issue. I haven’t seen the producer for almost two and a half months. Apart from that, as you know, the producer has been having problems for quite some time.

Srabanti, Rahul Dev, Rajathav Dutt Roni, Sadek Bachchu of Bangladesh, Saberi Alam and others also acted in the film ‘Bikshov’.