The death of the head of the Russian Lukoil company fell from the window of the hospital

Ravil Maganov, chairman of Russia’s private oil giant Lukoil, has died after falling from a hospital window in Moscow. This was reported by the BBC on Thursday, citing several reports.

Sources told Russian media that 67-year-old Maganov was being treated at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow. He died of injuries.

Maganov is the latest among several big business executives to die under mysterious circumstances.

On February 24, Russia launched an attack on Ukraine. Within days of the attack, LookOil called for an end to the fighting.

In early March, Lukoil’s board called for an end to the Ukraine conflict as soon as possible. The company also expressed its condolences to the victims of ‘this tragedy’.

Two years ago, Maganov took over as chairman of the Lukoil board. He was working in this private oil company since 1993.

Alexander Sabotin, a senior manager at LookOil, also died under unusual circumstances in May.

Meanwhile, quoting a statement from LookOil, the news agency AFP reported that LookOil Chairman Ravil Maganov died of a serious illness.