The end of Boris, the beginning of Truss

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has approved Liz Truss as the country’s Prime Minister to form a new government. Truss was given the permission to meet the Queen at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Tuesday. This information was informed in a statement of the Buckingham Palace of the United Kingdom. Truss became the 16th

.In addition to approving Truss as Prime Minister, the Queen asked to form a new administration, the statement sa

id. Truss kisses the queen’s hand, accepting her offer. A picture of Rani shaking hands has gone viral online. Truss agrees to her proposal by kissing the queen’s hand.

Earlier, Boris Johnson went separately to Balmoral Castle in Scotland to meet the Queen. He submitted his resignation letter to the Queen there. Truss officially became the UK’s new Prime Minister with Queen’s assent following Boris’ resignation. Prior to this, the 47-year-old Truss served as the country’s foreign minister.

Power was last transferred to Balmoral in 1885. Queen Victoria was then on the throne. Usually the outgoing and incoming prime ministers meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace in central London.

Outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a crowd at London’s Downing Street before meeting the Queen that he would give Liz Truss his full support. He expressed hope that his party, the Conservative Party, would put aside all differences to support the new government in dealing with the UK’s energy crisis.

In the race for the leadership of the ruling Conservative Party (Tory), Truss became the leader of the party after defeating former finance minister Rishi Sunak of Indian origin on Monday. 81,326 Tory members voted for Truss and 60,399 for Sunac. This clears the way for Truss to become the Prime Minister. On the same day, he received an invitation to meet with Queen Elizabeth II to form the government.