The Next Generation of Supercharged COVID-19 Vaccines

The common cold is one of the most annoying viruses that can infect humans. It causes a runny nose, sore throat, and extreme fatigue. The worst part about this ailment is that it’s not just uncomfortable for you- it can also be pretty rough on your kids. Fortunately, researchers are developing new vaccines to help reduce the severity of COVID-19 infections!

COVID-19 is the term scientists use to describe a common cold virus. It’s one of the most common viruses in humans, and even more likely to affect young children. Unfortunately, there are no standard treatments for COVID-19 infections yet!

The common cold isn’t usually severe enough to warrant medical attention… but it’s still so common you probably know how it feels. This virus makes your nose runny, throat sore, and body ache. Here’s an official diagram of the virus in action:

This is by no means a fatal disease- most people don’t even go to the doctor for this type of sickness! However, it is annoying and uncomfortable, especially for little kids.

Unfortunately, there are no treatments or vaccines for COVID-19 infections right now. Scientists have been looking into a cure for years, but so far the best solution they’ve found is just to let the virus run its course… which can take around 10 days!

Luckily, there is some good news! Scientists at the American Academy of Pediatrics just announced that they’re finally developing vaccines for this disease. This could be very helpful for young children who are too young to fight off COVID-19 infections… but still suffer from its effects.

The vaccine will be given as Now, researchers at the University of Michigan have found an antiviral compound that could help treat COVID-19 infections! They developed a new treatment for this virus based on deoxyschizandrin, which is usually used to treat parasitic conditions.

The researchers created DOS using small fragments of schistosome parasites… and then tested the treatment on COVID-19 cells. Sure enough, their results were positive!

DOS potently inhibited COVID-19 replication with an EC50 of 4 µM and a selectivity index (SI) of 41 at a concentration of 50 µM

Schistosome parasites are usually pretty dangerous… but these small fragments are pretty safe to use on humans. Researchers tested DOS on mice infected with COVID-19, and found that it helped reduce the intensity of their symptoms!

DOS could become a great treatment for children who suffer from these common colds… so keep your fingers crossed for this new antiviral compound. Since it works by targeting viruses, we predict it will be a safe and effective treatment for both adults and children.

DOS works by inhibiting the expression of COVID-19 genes, which interferes with viral replication. This isn’t an immediate cure… but DOS could help reduce the severity of COVID-19 infections in the long term. If this compound is approved, we could be looking at one of the first treatments for this common cold virus!

DOS isn’t an immediate cure, but it can still help reduce COVID-19 infections. Scientists are currently recruiting volunteers to test the safety of DOS on humans, so if you’re interested you should look into participating in their clinical trial ! It’s always interesting to see scientists find new ways to treat viral diseases… and we hope this one works well! We’ll be watching closely for the results of these upcoming clinical trials.