one child policy has had an impact on China's population

one child policy has had an impact on China's population

The one child policy has had an impact on China’s population

Chinese officials say that by 2025, China’s families will be smaller in size and most of its citizens will age.

Then the population will start to decrease further.

The news agency AFP reported this information in a report today.

As a single country, China now has the largest population in the world.

The Chinese government adopted the ‘one child policy’ to control population, which has had an impact on China’s birth rate.

The Chinese government relaxed these restrictions in 2016, but the population is still not growing at the desired rate.

Last year, the Chinese government allowed three children to be adopted.

But even then, the country’s family size is getting smaller and the birth rate has hit record lows.

China’s National Health Commission said Monday that population growth has slowed significantly.

  • By 2025, this rate will go negative.
  • Chinese officials made similar predictions last January.
  • They said the population growth rate will enter negative growth within the next five years.
  • The National Health Commission, in its latest report, has said that our country’s current policy framework for assisted childbirth is not perfect.
  • There is a large gap between government policy and public expectations of population growth.
  • China’s birth rate has fallen below 1.3 in the past few years.
  • By 2035, the number of elderly people in the country will increase significantly.

Then the number of people aged 60 will be more than 30 percent

one child policy has had an impact on China's population

In such a situation, authorities in some parts of China are already introducing family-friendly policies to counter the slowing birth rate.

The eastern city of Hangzhou announced on Monday that families with three children will now be able to apply for loans up to 20 percent above the housing provident fund loan ceiling.

Nanchang, Changsha and other cities have also introduced such supportive policies.

China’s top leader Deng Xiaoping introduced the ‘one child policy’ in 1980 to curb China’s population growth.

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