The outgoing Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The outgoing Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The outgoing Prime Minister of the United Kingdom cannot be found

Outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is nowhere to be found.

AFP reported this information in a report on Friday.

AFP contacted the British Prime Minister’s office at 10 Downing Street to inquire about Boris Johnson’s whereabouts.

Officials there said that the Prime Minister is on vacation.

A Downing Street official declined to comment on his current whereabouts.

However, according to a report in the UK daily Times,

Boris Johnson is currently in the Central European country of Slovenia with his wife Carrie Symonds;

They are celebrating a belated honeymoon there.

But the newspaper could not present any evidence in favor of this information.

As a result, many have questioned his current whereabouts.

Britain’s Trade, Power and Industry Minister Kwasi Kwarteng told AFP, “I don’t know where Boris Johnson is now.”

However, I am in regular contact with him on WhatsApp

The outgoing Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to resign on July 7 under

heavy pressure from MPs from his own party,

the Conservative Party and the opposition Labor Party,

on various issues including the alcohol party scandal,

high inflation, ignoring the restrictions of the lockdown.

With his resignation from the post of Prime Minister,

his resignation from the position of the top leader of his own party,

the Conservative Party, was somehow confirmed.

However, even if he announced to withdraw from these two important posts,

he will serve as the head of the country’s caretaker government until next fall.

Conservative party leadership elections will be held this summer and the party leader elected

at the Tory party conference next October will take over as the new prime minister.

The two front-runners to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom are Liz Truss,

the country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development, and Rishi Sunak,

the former Finance Minister of the current government.