The wife went viral in the net world by auctioning

The wife went viral in the net world by auctioning

The wife went viral in the net world by auctioning off her husband

There are not many people who claim that a wife is always satisfied, it can be said without hesitation. But it has not seen before that the husband was sold at auction.

A woman in Ireland recently did just that. She has put her husband up for auction. At the same time, he has given a condition to the buyer that it cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

  • The ad that has made a fuss in the net world has said, do you need a husband or not? You can take it if you like.
  • However, it is not replaceable or refundable. The woman advertised on the auction website in exactly this language.

She has provided all the information including her husband’s height, skin color, job, age on the website. The ad was given by Linda McAllister, a woman from Ireland.

It is learned that her husband John McAllister left his two children and wife at home and went on summer vacation alone.

The news is that he is spending a lot of time there. And Linda McAllister has given such an advertisement in anger and sadness.

Interestingly, after the husband advertised the auction, 12 customers were also found. Within a few hours the price rose to about five thousand.

John later received news of his auction from friends.

Meanwhile, the auction authorities understood the matter and removed the advertisement from their website.

James Ryan, policy and compliance manager of the website, said, “This is the first time I have seen such an advertisement for a woman who has put her husband up for auction.”🔱