Tiger’s test: Woods, child Charlie fall two shots shy of the Daly Show in PNC Championship

He and child Charlie joined to roll out a competition record 11 birdies in succession and shoot 15-under 57 at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in the two-man scramble design, yet it wasn’t sufficient to get John Daly and child John II at the PNC Championship on Sunday.

He actually can flush it, he’s actually got speed, actually hit irons breathtaking that were Tiger Woods of old-like irons. It was wonderful, Kuchar said.

John Daly and his child John III showcase their PNC Championship belts on Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton Club in Orlando.

It was only half a month prior that Tiger posted a video of himself hitting a golf took shots at home under the feature gaining ground. He was the last player in the 20-group field to focus on the competition. When inquired as to whether he suspected Tiger’s down was prepared for the PGA Tour, Kuchar didn’t stop for a second.

Tiger, in any case, didn’t agree.I’m not at that level. I can’t go up against these folks at the present time, no, he said. It will take a ton of work to get to where I feel like I can rival these folks and be at an undeniable level.

At the point when we made the turn, I told Charlie, I said, ‘We must essentially birdie out or if nothing else make eight out of the nine on the back nine to get an opportunity.’ There were simply an excessive number of gatherings that were either attached with us or in front of us, Woods said.

Charlie, 12, showed no nerves, hitting a progression of lovely irons, particularly at the standard 3 twelfth and seventeenth, where he hit a 5-iron to around 5 feet, which was the nearest of any of the contenders morning, noon and night.

Simply 1,000 tickets were offered to general society and maybe all of them was watching Tiger and Charlie, including baseball Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr., and incalculable developed men wearing Tiger’s customary Sunday red and dark. Previous Tour genius John Cook went out to walk the back nine with Tiger, his old practice-round buddy here around, and wondered about the thing he was seeing.

Group Woods had one final possibility at the standard 5 eighteenth to apply strain to the Team Daly, who was playing behind them yet neglected to change over on their birdie attempts.

For Woods, who went through 90 days in an emergency clinic bed and couldn’t say whether he’d at any point walk not to mention play golf once more, the week was a reverberating achievement.