Trump Records Released by Biden

In a press conference, Vice President Joe Biden has authorized the release of some Trump records from January 6. In this article we will discuss what was released and how it is relevant to the riot on that day.

The first point of investigation is the Trump Dossier, containing allegations against Donald Trump. It was compiled by Orbis Business Intelligence, a private company based in London. Christopher Steele AKA Orbis conducted the research on behalf of anti-Trump political groups and eventually shared his findings with Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta and top FBI official Andrew McCabe.

Christopher Steele is a retired British Intelligence Officer from MI6. In January, he was hired as a subcontractor to work with Glenn Simpson’s company Fusion GPS who had been retained for this project by Perkins Coie – the law firm representing the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC. The exact relationship between Orbis, Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie has been under some scrutiny. At the same time, Trump was informed that all his secret meetings with the Russian Ambassador had been bugged and this information had been shared by Comey with President Obama.

The Dossier reveals a number of facts about Donald Trump’s dealings in Russia and Ukraine, talks on NATO and Syria as well as compromising sex allegations – all of which are relevant to the riot on January 6.

One notable fact in the Dossier is that Russian intelligence did have compromising material on both Trump and Clinton. It would seem likely that if Clinton had won, Putin would not have released this information but instead used it against her at a time when she was President. For Trump, this was already a distinct possibility because of his business partners and partners who were married to his team. Trump’s own actions actually created the conditions for the riot on January 6th.

According to BuzzFeed News – the dossier says that the Kremlin has more intel on Clinton and it sounds quite similar to what we’ve already heard about her campaign.This is important because the claims of Russian interference in the American electoral process and Trump’s links to Russia have been widely reported.

The main point of contention is about those sex allegations which were compiled by a British Intelligence Officer as opposition research against Donald Trump. It does contain some salacious information but it also goes on at length about financial ties.

Trump’s business connections to Russia extend back decades and include real estate deals, casino partnerships and various mixed martial arts events. However, most importantly he has extensive dealings with the Bank of Cyprus – one of the largest banks in Russia. The Trump organization is heavily indebted to this bank which raises serious questions about conflict of interest on a range of policies, especially those that may lead to economic sanctions against Russia or the sale of arms. This is particularly relevant because this was one of the key issues which led to the riots on January 6th.

On January 5th, Putin announced that he would increase Russian defense spending by $550 billion over the next few years. An article written by former Pentagon defense analyst, Mark Schneider explained that the increase alone is about half of what Russia spends on its entire military. That’s the reason Putin ratified the new START treaty at his inauguration. The US backed out of this treaty because it was unable to meet certain defense commitments made under Obama, but Trump could reverse this decision.. He would have to sacrifice a strong military relationship with Ukraine and the new START treaty.

Trump has declared that he would be happy to conduct arms negotiations with Russia, while at the same time saying that Russia is highly overrated as a threat. In addition to Trump’s business connections in Cyprus, he also has extensive ties in Turkey, another country currently on a collision course with Russia. The Russian’s have a large naval base in Syria and the Turkish military has been shelling Kurdish YPG forces trying to take over parts of Latakia province, which is part of this region.