Turkish President Erdogan's visit to Iran

Turkish President Erdogan's visit to Iran

Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Iran

Putin had to wait 50 seconds before meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to Iran. And the video of her waiting has spread through social media.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting Iran. During the visit, Putin was seen waiting for 50 seconds before meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

There was no one in the room to greet him. This video of waiting for 50 seconds in front of chair-table and flag has already spread on social media. Reuters news.

The video shows Putin feeling a bit uncomfortable while waiting for Erdogan. Looking around, sometimes lowering his hands,

sometimes moving his face. He was even seen changing positions before Erdogan appeared.

Erdogan has made many people wait for meetings before. It has also happened that hours have passed by sitting the person with whom you are going to meet.

The Turkish media brought forward the incident of a meeting in Moscow in 2020, saying that Erdogan may have taken revenge. Putin kept Erdogan waiting for about two minutes before meeting in Moscow that year.

Russia’s president has limited foreign travel since the start of the Ukraine war. However, he visited Tajikistan and Turkmenistan last June. Dictatorships are still in place in both countries of the former Soviet Union.

Russia’s relations with Iran expected to reach new heights with Tuesday’s visit. Moscow is one of Tehran’s few international allies.

  • On the contrary, Western countries including the United States have imposed sanctions against Iran one after another.
  • Meanwhile, US officials have alleged that Iran is planning to supply hundreds of armed drones to Russia in the Ukraine war.
  • And on Tuesday, Iran’s state oil company signed a $40 million development agreement with Russian oil company Gazprom.

Putin’s top foreign adviser Viri Usakov said communication with Khamenei is very important. A credible dialogue will take the bilateral and international agenda to a new level.

Turkey and Russia are on opposite sides in the Syrian civil war. The two countries have been looking for ways to reduce violence in recent months.

The meeting comes at a time when Turkey is considering a new offensive against US-backed Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.🔱