Two Died Following a Rockslide While Deep-Water Soloing

Two Spanish men aged 25 and 35 died following a rockslide while deep-water soloing near Portocolom on the island of Mallorca. Investigators said that both men fell into the sea after being hit by falling rocks during their climb, according to reports from local newspaper Diario de Mallorca.

The two Spaniards were climbing at around 5 pm when they were struck by falling stones, causing them to fall into the water, where one later drowned. The other man was rescued but died shortly afterwards in hospital.

It is believed that the rockfall was caused by other climbers above them dislodging loose rocks. The Guardia Civil are still investigating to determine if other climbers were involved in causing the fatal fall, but initial reports suggest that no other climbers were injured.

The area where the accident occurred is known for its deep water solo routes, which are often climbed using ropes for safety, but not for protection. The two climbers were at around 45 metres when they fell.

This accident is eerily similar to the one reported in Mallorca back in May where a German woman died following a fall near the island’s coastal town of Cala Ratjada.

At the time, police said that a group of climbers dislodged loose rocks which fell on her.

This latest accident highlights how important it is to take precautions whilst climbing and consider all safety aspects, as well as belaying where possible. Although the area was popular for deep-water soloing there were several other routes available and using ropes could have saved the lives of both men.

At this time, although not always easy to follow with busy social schedules, safe practice is still paramount when climbing and it’s important that information is shared amongst climbers who visit Mallorca in order to ensure everyone can enjoy their experience.

It’s also worth checking that the area where you are climbing is safe, prior to setting off. You can do this by checking the local guide book or speaking with other climbers beforehand.

Two Spanish men died after falling while climbing in Mallorca, Spain.

Two climbers fell to their deaths after dislodged loose rocks struck them at 45 metres.

It’s unclear whether the incident was caused by other climbers above dislodging loose rocks.

Police are still investigating what happened. They will determine if there were any other climbers involved.

This accident highlights the importance of taking precautions when climbing and checking that the route is safe before setting off.

We advise climbers to check with local guides or other climbers before climbing in areas where there are deep water solo routes.