Two Tech Giants Struggling? Here are 3 Stocks to Consider

It seems as if the tech world is still reeling from the death of Steve Jobs. The two leaders in the industry, Apple and Amazon, are struggling to stay on top. Investors may be wondering what stocks they should invest in now that these giants have fallen from grace? Here are three companies you should consider investing in instead: Facebook, Netflix and Google.

Facebook is a social media titan. Their market cap is about $80 billion and they are expected to grow 30% next year. This means that Facebook will likely overtake Amazon in the near future. If you buy shares of Facebook now, you will get them at a great price with high returns later on. Due to fundamental tax laws, you will be subject to taxes on your gain long-term. This means that now may be the best time to buy Facebook.

Netflix is another company with high growth prospects. Their stock is currently valued at about $13 billion; they are looking to triple their revenue within 3 years, according to Forbes . If you decide to invest in Netflix now, you will get your investment back with a big return later on. As with Facebook, you may be subject to capital gains taxes if the company’s stock rises in value.

Last but not least is Google. They are currently valued at $247 billion and they expect to grow significantly by 2015. Since Google has been around for a while now, they are currently valued at a great price. You can expect to see your investment grow substantially over time as Google continues to expand and their market cap climbs by the day.

The purpose of this article is not to tell you which stocks will go up in value but rather to highlight three companies that may be good alternatives for investors. Now that tech giants have fallen, investors are looking for alternatives. These three companies are worth considering if you want to invest in tech stocks now.

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