Ukraine line monitors on the watch for Russian development


The Ukrainian boundary watches check the blanketed timberland for any indication of Russian development.

They stand monitor at the Senkivka crossing, where the Kremlin once praised the solidarity of the Soviet world.

A couple of transporters traveling south to the capital, Kyiv, bunch close to the Three Sisters landmark – a white pillar raised back in 1975 to stamp where the lines of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus meet.

  • Trucks hold on to pass Ukrainian boundary control before the Three Sisters landmark at the line going between Ukraine, Russia and Belarus on 14 February 2022 in Senkivka, Ukraine
  • Maj Sergiy Khomenko, 29, comes from a tactical family and experienced childhood in a line town. The current emergency with Russia would have been unfathomable in his folks’ childhood.
  • Yet, he serves a Ukraine that has been reliably driving away from the circle of Moscow.

The freedom of Ukraine is cherished in the entirety of our archives. It is in our constitution. As a tactical man, I really want to safeguard this, he tells me.

Maj Khomenko is mindful so as to stretch that, as far as he might be concerned, the chance of Russian activity on the boundary is a similar today as it was yesterday.

At the end of the day, he and his men are resolved not to be weakened by the presence of in excess of 100,000 Russian soldiers on his nation’s boondocks.

There are shelters dove into the ground before the boundary fence. Monitors in white, winter cover watch the region.