UN Chief: World Worse Now Than 5 Years Ago Due To COVID, Climate And Conflict


As he begins his second term as U.N. secretary-general, Antonio Guterres said Thursday the world is more terrible in numerous ways than it was five years prior on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, the environment emergency and international pressures that have started clashes all over the place – however in contrast to U.S. President Joe Biden he figures Russia won’t attack Ukraine.

Guterres said in a meeting with The Associated Press that the interest for harmony he gave on his first day in the U.N’s. top occupation on Jan. 1, 2017 and his needs in his initial term of attempting to forestall clashes and tackle worldwide imbalances, the COVID-19 emergency and a warming planet haven’t changed.

The secretary-general of the U.N. has no power, Guterres said. We can have impact. I can convince. I can intervene, however I have no power.

Before he became U.N. boss, Guterres said he imagined the post just like a convener, an arbiter, an extension manufacturer and a fair specialist to assist with tracking down arrangements that benefit all interested parties.

He said Thursday these are things I really want to do each day.

For instance, the secretary-general said for this present week he addressed the African Union’s emissary Olusegun Obasanjo, two times with Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, and once with Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in his endeavor to get a suspension of threats in Ethiopia between the public authority and powers in the troubled Tigray locale.

I trust that we are in a circumstance wherein it may turn out to be soon conceivable to have a discontinuance of threats and that is the place where I’m thinking the majority of my endeavors, Guterres said.

Robert Bumsted through Associated Press

Guterres said the U.N. Security Council, which has the ability to maintain worldwide harmony and security including by forcing authorizations and requesting military activity, is separated, particularly its five denial employing long-lasting individuals. Russia and China are frequently at chances with the U.S., Britain and France on main points of contention, remembering Thursday for new endorses against North Korea.

On the issue on each nation’s front burner now – regardless of whether Russia, which has massed 100,000 soldiers on Ukraine’s boundary, will attack the previous Soviet republic – Guterres said, I don’t figure Russia will attack Ukraine, and I trust that my conviction is right.

What makes him figure Moscow will not attack when Biden and others accept Russian President Vladimir Putin will send troops into Ukraine?

Since I don’t put stock in a tactical answer for the issues that exists, and I believe that the most sane method for tackling those issues is through discretion and through commitment in genuine exchange, Guterres said, focusing on that an intrusion would have awful results.

The secretary-general said we have been in touch, obviously with high ranking representatives in Russia, however the U.N. isn’t straightforwardly occupied with the Ukraine emergency.

Guterres is booked to convey a discourse to the 193 U.N. part countries in the General Assembly on Friday on his needs for 2022.