Unbeaten Canelo Alvarez Hails From Mexico

Canelo Alvarez won the WBO World Super Middleweight Championship on Saturday night, defeating Caleb Plant in a dominant victory. The fighter hailed from Mexico and is now undefeated.

Canelo Alvarez has challenged the Gennady Golovkin to a rematch, after their first fight ended in a draw. The two men fought for the WBC and WBA (Super) Middleweight titles on September 15th at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fight was an exciting one and had some wondering whether the judges had scored it correctly. Many people believed that Gennady Golovkin had done enough to win against Canelo Alvarez, despite what the scorecards said.

The second fight is likely to happen next year, with both men agreed on a rematch deal. The two men also agreed on a 65-35 split in Canelo’s favor.

Canelo Alvarez has officially announced he wants a rematch after his dominant victory on Saturday night. The Mexican fighter won the WBO World Super Middleweight Championship in dominating fashion against Caleb Plant at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alvarez is likely to be facing Gennady Golovkin again next year, in a rematch from their first fight. The two men fought back at September 15th but ended in a controversial draw.

There were three judges who scored the fight and all three had different opinions on how it should have been scored. Adalaide Byrd was one of the judges and she has since been put on probation after scoring Alvarez a 118-110 winner.

Many feel that Gennady Golovkin did enough in the fight and should have won it by a close decision. The two later agreed to a rematch, which is likely to happen in May or September of next year.

Alvarez has now called out Golovkin for the rematch, saying that he wants to fight him again. This is despite many feeling that Gennady won their first fight and deserved the victory.

He was the one who wanted a rematch, not me, Alvarez said at his post-fight press conference . “I don’t like it when anyone says anything bad about my father. I respect him a lot, that’s why I then decided to fight him in the rematch.

Of course I am going to keep being who I have always been in and out of the ring.Gennady Golovkin is yet to respond but many feel he will want another chance at defeating Alvarez next year. A second fight between them would likely draw a lot of interest.

As for Canelo Alvarez, he is on track to become one of the best boxers in the world. His dominant victory showed again why many fans rate him so highly and feel that he would beat any middleweight boxer on the planet right now.

Canelo Alvarez also called out two other boxers after his victory on Saturday night. He called out Callum Smith and Rocky Fielding, who are two of the best boxers at 168 pounds in the world right now.

I want to fight Callum Smith next, Alvarez said. If they go ahead with that fight, then I will be waiting. I want the winner of Rocky Fielding and James DeGale. Smith is a clear fan-favorite to win against Alvarez next year, whereas Fielding is a tough fight for any boxer.