United Kingdom may fall into power shortage

United Kingdom may fall into power shortage

United Kingdom may fall into power shortage due to man-made disasters

The UK imports 5% of its electricity needs from Norway’s hydropower. Norway has recently reported that the water level is falling, so it is not possible to generate enough electricity from it. This has made electricity exports to the UK uncertain.

According to a report in The Guardian on Monday (August 8), Norway’s Energy Minister Treje ├ůsland told the Norwegian parliament that drought and extreme heat are causing water levels to drop. Water shortage may occur in this situation. The energy ministry of the country wants to stop the production of hydropower immediately to solve the crisis.

Treje said, compared to last year, electricity production in the southern part of Norway has decreased by 18 percent. Meanwhile, the high price of electricity is going on in the world market. In this situation, it will be difficult for them to import electricity in the current season and the next winter season.

The minister said that this problem will continue till April-May next year

United Kingdom may fall into power shortage

Meanwhile, if Norway stops importing electricity, the UK will be in danger. The UK imports 1.4 gigawatts of electricity from Norway’s ‘North Sea Link’, which is 5 per cent of the country’s total demand.

The United Kingdom is already suffering from inflation, and if the electricity shortage increases, the prices will increase. Research institute Aurora Energy Research has said that the country’s common people will be in danger if there is a shortage of electricity especially in winter.

Meanwhile, those concerned say that without hydropower, the UK will have to turn to coal-based electricity – which is anti-environment.