Viral 5 friends from the salon

Viral 5 friends from the salon

Viral 5 friends from the salon

5 friends made music with salon equipment. Overnight that song spread across the country. They continued to float in praise. Then he opened the band ‘Sada-Kalo’. I was talking about Narsundar Dhruv Majumdar and his four friends from Noakhali district town.

The four friends are Tanmoy Debnath Chotan, Sabuj Debnath, Vijay Chandra Sheel and Shanta Das. Dhruv Majumdar completed his degree from Noakhali Government College. He spent time in his father’s salon since childhood. In 2012, he met Tanmoy Debnath Chotan, Sabuj Debnath and Vijay Chandra Sheel while getting haircuts at the salon. Then their friendship developed. Every night after 10 pm the shutters of the shop are closed and the music session goes on.

  • They have never released any song on social media even though they have a song session every day. But they released a video of the song ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ from the recently released movie Hawa and it went viral overnight. The song gained huge popularity on social media.
  • Sabuj Debnath, the main artiste of Saada Kalo Band, is doing his post graduation in Zoology Department at Noakhali Government College. He told Dhaka Post that I was playing the song ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ from the movie Hawa with the harmonium. We all get together and sing in the saloon every day after 10pm.
  • Vijay requested me very much and said, Dada, I will share this song on Facebook. The song was then recorded and released on Facebook. The song went viral overnight. Everyone appreciates us and asks us to upload new songs. Since we gained popularity by singing Sada Kalo, we named our band Sada Kalo.

Narsundar Dhruv Majumdar told Dhaka Post, I was drawn to playing musical instruments since my childhood. If there was an event, I would be taken to play the instrument. Our family business is a salon. Besides studying, I used to spend time in my father’s salon shop. Tanmoy Debnath came to cut hair in 2012. He used to visit my shop regularly to see me humming and singing. Then the music session started in the shop.

We didn’t think that we would ever leave a song on Facebook.

Viral 5 friends from the salon

Tanmoy Debnath Chhotan plays the harmonium with each song.

He completed his post graduation from Victoria College, Comilla. Due to his passion for music, he returned to Noakhali after working in Dhaka for 2 months.

  • He told Dhaka Post, I used to come here to get my hair cut. Although I did not know Dhruv then. I used to see harmonium and various musical instruments in the shop. After coming like this a few times, I came to know that Dhruv, the son of the owner of the salon shop, plays a musical instrument to relieve fatigue at the end of the day’s work. Then we join him. This is how our relationship developed. We were not dependent on Facebook. Suddenly everyone is cheering after releasing a song. We feel so loved by everyone.
  • Shanta Das, a member of Saada Kalo band, told Dhaka Post, “My father was involved in music. He taught me how to play drums. I like the songs of Sabuj Dada, Tanmoy Dada. So join them.
  • Vijay Chandra Sheel uploaded the song on his Facebook ID. He told Dhaka Post that the song was videoed on my request. I didn’t have megabytes in my mobile. I upload the song video from Tanmoy Dada’s phone through hotspot. I was at my uncle’s house in the morning, when I received many calls on my mobile phone. I still didn’t have an MB. I entered my younger sister’s Facebook and saw 3 lakh views.

Subhash Chandra Majumder, owner of Modern Hair Cut Salon and father of Dhruv Majumder, told Dhaka Post that for about 10 years, they all gather at the salon at 10 pm after work. Then the music session started. I listen to their music from 12-1am. I heard their song has gone viral.

Naresh Chandra Dey, the owner of the neighboring Oishi Electronic Workshop, told Dhaka Post, “We keep the shop open all day and close it around 10 pm. Then they start singing. I listen to their songs to relieve the fatigue of the whole day. They are all educated boys. The melody, rhythm and rhythm of their songs are amazing.