Walker may be new primary target for McConnell

In a new report from the New York Times, Mitch McConnell has begun to warm up to Herschel Walker as his potential primary challenger. The Republican establishment and many prominent GOP members have been looking for any way possible to oust Trump and replace him with someone more palatable. Walker is an interesting choice, given that he doesn’t exactly align with mainstream conservatism. He’s not just a former football player either; he was an NFL legend who ran for President before running again in 2020 on the America Sports Party ticket. His running mate was Wally Judge , who you might remember from the Monday Night Football intro.

Win or lose, Herschel’s legacy as a sports figure is secure. He has a national championship under his belt from the University of Georgia and he was one of the most dominant running backs in football history. Walker retired from football in 1997 with 8,225 career rushing yards and 71 touchdowns over six seasons. In 1987 he won the MVP award and led the league with 1875 rushing yards. In 1988 he went to his first of three consecutive Pro Bowls.

In 1992, Herschel won the “Dancing with the Stars” competition alongside professional dance partner Karina Smirnoff . They other contestants that year included actor Jeff Conaway , 80’s pop star Belinda Carlisle , Olympic Gold Medalist Peggy Fleming , and magician Doug Henning . While the other contestants were well known celebrities at the height of their careers, Herschel was one of the most famous athletes in history. He went on to compete on “Dancing with the Stars” for three more seasons after that, and he had a stint on “Redneck Island” in 2011.

It might surprise you to learn that Herschel Walker is a devout Christian and has been outspoken about his Bible-based views. He claims he’s never drank, smoked, or even cursed . Herschel became a vegetarian in 1982 because of his religious beliefs and has several businesses centered around the vegan lifestyle. Over the years he has developed products like energy bars and workout supplements. Herschel Walker is everything Donald Trump wants to be .

Herschel’s stance on the issues should make him attractive to many Republicans. He is pro-life, committed to defunding Planned Parenthood , and totally against Common Core , which should appeal to the right wing of the party. He is also extremely supportive of the military and he absolutely loathes Obama.

While Herschel Walker has yet to file any paperwork for a Senate run, his name recognition alone will give him an edge over most political newcomers. The success of outsider candidates like Trump and Ben Carson prove that voters are looking for something different this election cycle. Walker already has the celebrity factor and he is a lifelong Republican. If he can tap into voters’ dissatisfaction with Washington, then there’s no reason why he couldn’t be competitive in the race

In my mind it would be a mistake to dismiss Herschel as a serious candidate. Not only does he have name recognition, but his record on the issues is rock solid. I don’t see him winning any crossover voters, but his lack of political experience might be a strength in the current climate. Voters are tired of career politicians with nothing to show for their time in Washington. Herschel Walker has everything it takes to make waves this election year.