Western ‘sanctions fever’ European public life snacking: Putin

The country’s President Vladimir Putin has condemned the Western sanctions imposed on Russia due to the attack in Ukraine as a “fever”. He also commented that this ‘prohibition fever’ of the West is a threat to the whole world. BBC news.
Addressing an economic forum in Vladivostok, Putin said Russia was countering the economic “aggression” of the West.

Russian President Putin has warned that Europeans’ living standards are being sacrificed for the sanctions. On the other hand, poor countries are not able to collect food.

Putin also commented that Europe has cheated poor countries by exporting food grains from Ukraine. He said only two food grain shipments have gone to Africa since the start of exports in early August.

Since the attack on Ukraine on February 24, Russian forces have blocked the country’s seaports. In the end, Ukraine and Russia reached an agreement between the United Nations and Turkey to avoid a global food crisis.

Putin said that without caring about Turkey as an intermediary country, especially the food grains exported from Ukraine were not sent to poor and developing countries, but were taken to European Union (EU) countries.

Western countries have imposed sanctions on a large number of Russian individuals, businesses and state institutions in response to the attack on Ukraine. EU countries want to reduce dependence on Russian oil and gas. Meanwhile, Moscow has shut down the ‘Nord Stream One’ gas supply pipeline to Germany citing a technical fault.

The price of fuel in European countries is now skyrocketing. EU energy ministers met last Friday to deal with the crisis. They proposed fixing the maximum price of fuel. However, Putin commented that this proposal is meaningless.

Russian President Putin said the West is trying to impose its behavior on other countries. Many companies started scrambling to leave Russia. He said, “Now we are seeing how factories and jobs are closing down one by one in Europe.” He said, trust in the dollar, euro and pound is slipping away in front of people’s eyes.

Putin also said that Russia will emerge from this war with stronger sovereignty. “I am sure – we have lost nothing and will not lose anything,” Putin said.