What can Man Utd expect assuming that they name Ajax supervisor as their new director

Erik ten Hag was never truly one of those individuals who made it clear he had huge aspirations to be one of the world’s top mentors. He is an extremely unassuming man and an unobtrusive mentor.

That has a ton to do with his experience. He comes from the east of the Netherlands where there’s an exceptionally sensible attitude and where individuals talk with an extremely amazing accent.

They are a piece less blaze there and they admire those from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, the spots where the enormous workplaces, industry and the country’s parliament are.

In any case, notwithstanding that foundation – and he has a solid emphasize – Ten Hag’s circumstance is unique.

Monetarily there is no inspiration and don’t bother going for the difficult tasks at any stage in his profession since he comes from an exceptionally rich family, and his dad and siblings are multi-tycoons. They own a land organization and other monetary firms.

His dad believed him should go into that organization however since early on Erik was a particularly splendid footballer – he was a star for FC Twente as a safeguard – that he made it clear he cared very little about chasing after that profession.

In any case, that family abundance implies he needn’t bother with the challenging tasks. He realizes he needn’t bother with football to make due so he can follow his own standards, where different chiefs could think twice about stay in their positions.

His football reasoning has generally been similar to Pep Guardiola’s and Johan Cruyff’s. He gets a kick out of the chance to assault, to make things on the pitch.

I followed PSV Eindhoven for quite a while when he was the associate chief there, similarly as he was Steve McClaren’s collaborator at FC Twente.

He was instrumental at those clubs. He never attempted to push in yet the administrators were so dependent on him since he was strategically so solid. It was a delight for them to have him and that says a ton regarding him.

Whenever he was at Bayern Munich as their hold group supervisor he cherished it. It was practically similar to a little glimpse of heaven for him to have a supervisor in Guardiola who was working the same way he needed to work.

He told me once that he adored investing energy with Guardiola, cherished conversing with him. He needed to deliver players prepared for the principal group as the hold chief so that is the reason the entire set-up worked for him.

Players can find it hard with him since, as Guardiola, he seems to be a piece fanatical. To get a style as you do at Ajax – Dutch Total Football, fundamentally – it needs bunches of work and loads of going after players.

It leaves a ton of room and you need your protectors playing extremely high up. It involves a great deal of chance and you must be somewhat of a crazy person to ingrain in your players that each pass must be perfect, that there can be no mix-ups.