What is the reason for calling Tamim a liar

What is the reason for calling Tamim a liar

What is the reason for calling Tamim a liar?

There was a lot of turmoil in the country’s cricket before Tamim Iqbal’s return to the West Indies series in the T20.

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hasan Papon has accused

a media worker of lying about the ODI captain’s refusal to comment on his decision.

However, he did not call Tamim a liar.

  • The much-coveted AGM in July, there is budget discussion. On the other hand, Bangladesh team lost badly in both the Tests against the Caribbean.
  • BCB officials suddenly sat in the board meeting on Wednesday (June 29). In a discussion there, the issue of Tamim came up.
  • In fact, Papun claimed that he did not call the ODI captain a liar.

The incident started with Tamim’s return to T20.

The ODI captain appeared at a commercial event in the country in early

June and  questioned about not returning to the T20s.

“I am not got chance to say about the plan is for T20,” he said. Either you (media) say it or someone else says it.

So let’s continue like this. I not given a chance to say. I have been playing cricket for so long,

I deserve what I don’t think, it heard from my mouth.

But either you come up with an idea, or someone else comes along and tells you.

When he says, I have nothing to say. ‘

Asked if Tamim  not given a chance to speak,

the board president said in an interview with a media person, “It’s just a lie.

I called him to my house and asked him to play T20 four times. Other members of the board also requested that he not play. Now see what he is saying. ‘

Then in the news headlines in the media, Papun called Tamim a liar. Referring to the incident about 20 days later, Papon said,

“I don’t understand why Tamim would be a liar here. It is a lie that I did not communicate with him. The one who said that he is a liar.

Tamim says, he didn’t say. He admits that the board is sitting with him.

I don’t see anything to be a liar here. I saw the news pouring in, I said Tamim is a liar. Show proof, I have a record. ‘

Tamim, however, has already revealed about this. He described in detail through his social media that he flew to the Caribbean to play a two-match Test series.

Where he mentions that he is in regular contact with the board.

He writes, ‘I have regular contact with the board. I took a break of 6 months. More than 1.5 months had alrealdy left.

Even in this, the media is writing or saying various things; Others are also talking. I am not allow to speak ‍still now. ‘🔱