Ibrahim Khan alias Bhagne Tushar and Saif Islam

Ibrahim Khan alias Bhagne Tushar and Saif Islam

While being followed through on bail, it was found that the veritable impugned was not in jail

Impugned Ibrahim Khan moniker Bhagane Tushar ‘came’ to surrender in court for a circumstance of shakedown. The court denied bail and sent him to detain. Nevertheless, actually, an individual named Saif Islam went to the court to surrender Ibrahim Seze. He moreover went to jail. The matter was gotten at the hour of bail.

Specialists responsible for Dhaka Central Jail, according to rules, while organizing the fingerprints of the accused of the fingerprints set aside in the Public Person Card, comprehended that the individual who had been in jail for so long was not Ibrahim Khan.

Ibrahim Khan alias Bhagne Tushar and Saif Islam
Ibrahim Khan alias Bhagne Tushar and Saif Islam

According to police sources, the faulted for a circumstance for pressure is Ibrahim Khan misleading name Bhagane Tushar. For this present circumstance, Saif surrendered in a Dhaka court on September 12. Then, on September 18, he (Ibrahim) was yielded bail. Disregarding the way that Saif was confined as opposed to Ibrahim in the jail.

Senior Jail Chairman of Dhaka Central Jail Subhash Kumar Ghosh told Prothom Alo, ‘When we release the prisoners resulting to getting the bail papers, we take fingerprints using biometric methodology. Nonetheless, as the fingerprints of this prisoner (Saif) don’t organize, we can sort out on demand that he isn’t the authentic charged. He was confined for cash. Later we enlighten the court about this.

As shown by prison and court sources, when the coercion event was represented to the court (Phenomenal Named power Court-7) on September 19, the court dropped the bail demand on September 20. In a particular request, it is said that Saif Islam was chosen as opposed to Ibrahim Khan and bailed by misleading the court. The court composed the authority in-charge (OC) of Kotwali police base camp to enlighten the court in regards to imperative action against charged Saif for cheating. All the while, the person from the Dhaka Lawyers Association, who applied for leave purpose of the accused. The court mentioned the president and general secretary from the Dhaka Bar Relationship to take a major action against Abdul Baset. Beside this, the court dropped the bail of the crucial accused Ibrahim Khan and gave a catch warrant against him.

In such way, lawful guide Abdul Baset told Prothom Alo on the phone, “I haven’t the faintest idea about the accused, I didn’t remember them, they (charged’s relatives) did.”

Meanwhile, General Secretary of Dhaka Lawyers Alliance Firozur Rahman said that the court demand has been gotten regarding the trading of the charged. He told Prothom Alo, “We have gotten the court demand. We have given him a notice, and have fixed Sunday (today) as the day of hearing.

Saif’s significant other had some consciousness of the event
There are medicine and robbery assortments of proof against Saif in different police central command of Dhaka. OC Mizanur Rahman of Kotwali Police base camp let Prothom Alo in on that one more coercion contention has been recorded against him after the court demand.

As demonstrated by police sources, Ibrahim’s uncle is the top recorded mental aggressor Yasin Khan misleading name Palash. He is by and by doing an everyday presence discipline in prison in a murder case. On May 29, 2002, the fundamental court sentenced him to death because of shooting passing of Jubo Dal pioneer Mizan in Rampura. The High Court later drove his sentence to life confinement. He similarly fathered a youth while in prison. Prothom Alo circulated a report on this on June 29, 2016 under the title ‘Free’ presence of the caught dread based oppressor.

As demonstrated by the police, Yasin’s nephew Ibrahim has five cases on various charges including extortion, explosives.

Prothom Alo tended to Saif’s significant other Mala Begum about Saif’s confinement instead of Ibrahim. He told Prothom Alo on the phone, ‘I know the matter. Tushar (Ibrahim) is his friend. Tushar has a grandmother. He used to send my better half out of control. That day moreover Tushar’s grandmother took Tushar and Saif. Then, he is indicted. He is doing it for a sidekick.