Why The U.S. Has A Massive Lithium Supply Problem

The United States has a lithium supply issue. Virtually every significant automaker has declared a change to electric vehicles, Tesla conveyed right around 1,000,000 vehicles in 2021, and electric vehicle organizations like Rivian and Lucid are moving new models off the line.

To control these EVs, we will require batteries, heaps of them. Electric vehicle development will be answerable for over 90% of interest for lithium by 2030, as indicated by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.

Be that as it may, lithium is additionally in our telephones, PCs, earthenware production, greases, drugs, and is fundamental for sun powered and wind energy stockpiling.

This fundamental mineral in battery-powered batteries has procured the name white gold and the rush is on.

Yet, today, the U.S. is a long ways behind, with just 1% of worldwide lithium being mined and handled in the U.S., as indicated by the USGS. Over 80% of the world’s crude lithium is mined in Australia, Chile, and China.

What’s more China controls the greater part of the world’s lithium handling and refining and has three fourths of the lithium-particle battery megafactories on the planet, as per the International Energy Agency.

There is just one working lithium mine in the U.S., Albemarle’s Silver Peak, Nevada

However, that could be evolving. Last June, the Biden organization delivered an outline for kicking off homegrown lithium creation and refining just as battery assembling, and put forth a public EV deals objective of half by 2030. Also there are a few homegrown lithium projects in progress in Nevada, North Carolina, California and Arkansas, to give some examples.

Controlled Thermal Resources is fostering a lithium project at the Salton Sea in California. The previous summer, GM reported a multi-million-dollar interest in Controlled Thermal Resources, and has tied down first freedoms to buy the locally created lithium for its EVs.

Piedmont Lithium needs to resuscitate an old lithium mining region in North Carolina, close to Charlotte. Piedmont marked an arrangement in 2020 to supply Tesla with lithium obtained from its stores there, however the undertaking has hit delays due to allowing.

Watch the video to find out additional, and to get an inside take a gander at a portion of the homegrown lithium projects underway.