William Shatner can’t escape ‘Star Trek’, but his trip far beyond her

William Shatner I reprimanded when I interviewed him in 1987. The actor wanted to keep the approach in his movement in the direction, objection politely when I asked for his Relationship gone with the “Star Trek” faithful to a “Saturday Night Live” the previous year. In which he also told the members of the cast, the fanatics obsessed the trivals to “get a life”.

Although it was early in my journalistic career, I can remember that it was sold with two thoughts: Shatner a joke if he thought he could get out of the yoke “Star Trek”, and chances were unlikely to be connected keep. with another blow of that size. As it turned out, it was good and I’m wrong. Shatner will always be better remembered by the iconic role of Captain Kirk. But he managed to drive a third of his career that is really impressive. The Shatners plans a trip to space aboard blue origin, at 90 years, points a highlight and merger of these two wires, a giant leap for the man who also changes his connection with the company stars Schepen.

It turned out that he did not represent the route to the future of Laters. His chance to direct the fifth movie “Star Trek”, “the final border”, is widely considered under the low ends of the series. But the actor then chose in a series of vehicles, making the unlikely transition from the leading man, a cloak that still done in the 1980s series “TJ Hooker”, to Savvy second banana, with support roles in movies such as ” Miss the congeniality, “or guest bits, they become like the big giant head in” 3rd rock of the sun “. He also organized the popular reality show “Rescue 911”, in the public eye.
Shatner then regarded a stage in the “exercise” on his winning part of Emmy in “Legal de Boston” as Denny Crane, the pompous and eccentric lawyer who had a good cigar and confirmed that he never had a matter have lost. Shatner also at the jokes “Star Trek”, if he was in that sketch “Snl”. This includes a fried central comedy of 2006, where he endured his death and more for a while.
Established to paved the way for its later career in life, starring the short-term comedy, but keep abstained entitled ! My dad says” and continue to work continuously, recently romantic Jean Smart in the independent Comedy “for a moment.

In essence, Shatner passed as a grin when “Star Trek” was the first question in an interview with an “If you can’t beat them, including M”, showing that he can play while he is the interest he out of What came bent reveled franchise in other options.
In the midst of a flood of jokes about what Captain Kirk will actually find “out there”, as Shatner is preparing for this symbolic moment, the vulture, instead of audacity, was against the grain with the container “legend legend of Boston Go to space. ”

Good effort, but we all know what the legendary banner Shatner carries with him. However, what could easily be his last border, as it seems, it was just the beginning of a journey that could have planned him, boldly or otherwise or otherwise, in the direction of the skeptics.