Winter Paralympics 2022: Russia and Belarus competitors classed as impartial after Ukraine intrusion


Competitors from Russia and Belarus will be permitted to contend as neutrals at the 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing following the intrusion of Ukraine.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) says the two nations will contend under the Paralympic banner and not be remembered for the decoration table.

  • IPC president Andrew Parsons said the actions were the most extreme conceivable discipline under its constitution.
  • The IPC and more extensive Paralympic Movement is significantly worried by the gross infringement of the Olympic Truce by the Russian and Belarussian legislatures in the days preceding the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, Parsons said.
  • The IPC Governing Board is joined in its judgment of these activities and was in arrangement that they can’t go unrecognized or ignored.

In concluding what moves the IPC should make, it was essential that we worked inside the system of our new constitution to remain politically unbiased.

Such lack of bias is immovably secured in the veritable conviction that game holds the groundbreaking ability to beat our inadequacies, and call from inside us the best of our mankind, particularly in the most obscure of minutes.

Paralympic competitors are not the aggressors

Russian competitors contended under an impartial Paralympic banner at the 2018 Games as discipline for state-supported doping.

As well as concluding Russian and Belarussian competitors won’t contend under their own banner or element on the decoration table in Beijing, the IPC likewise expressed it will hold no occasions in the two nations until additional notification.

Vitally, the IPC says it will have a vote later in 2022 to settle on whether maintaining the Olympic Truce is an enrollment prerequisite. Any break would then make a situation where the culpable country could be suspended.

Whenever this vote has been led, the IPC said it will likewise settle on whether to end the participations of the Russian Paralympic Committee and Belarus Paralympic Committee.