You’re all alone: African understudies trapped in Ukraine look for shelter or break course


At the point when Percy Ohene-Yeboah looked down from his skyscraper condo in the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine on Thursday morning, the road beneath was stopped up with traffic. Individuals rushed along the walkways, wheeling bags behind them.

The Ghanaian designing understudy went to a window on the opposite side and found the reason why: Russian planes were flying low over the city, attempting to dodge rockets that rifled through the sky – a scene looking like one of his beloved computer games, Call of Duty.

As reality unfolded, and with no place to turn, the 24-year-old, gathered a sack and hurried to the closest underground train station for cover, one of thousands of African understudies abandoned in Ukraine during a Russian intrusion, without any thought of how to get away.

In a circumstance like this, you’re all alone. You must track down the most effective way to observe asylum for yourself, he told Reuters by telephone from the cellar of a congregation where he in the end chose Thursday night.

Urban areas under attack across Ukraine are home to a huge number of African understudies concentrating on medication, designing and military issues. Morocco, Nigeria and Egypt are among the best 10 nations with unfamiliar understudies in Ukraine, together providing north of 16,000 understudies, as per the schooling service. Large number of Indian understudies are likewise attempting to escape.

What was intended to be a less expensive option in contrast to considering in Western Europe or the United States has transformed for the time being into a disaster area as Russian tanks, planes and ships send off the greatest European attack of one more country since World War Two.

With flights grounded, African legislatures large number of miles away are battling to help their understudies. The understudies Reuters addressed said they had no assistance from home.

  • It’s now that the fact of the matter is truly hitting me, said Ohene-Yeboah. I think for me it’s altogether too late for clearing and that large number of things.
  • Ghana’s understudy presence in Ukraine is large enough for it to have a nearby association part. A long time before the attack, the association sent reports regarding what is happening to the public authority in Accra.